Pain Relief Cream – Ginger-Turmeric – CBD (1500mg) + CBG




CBD+CBG Relief Cream

70% Organic (Silicone free)

1.7 fl oz (50mL) White Airless Pump Bottle

Base CBD Strength: 30mg/mL


Ginger – Turmeric

Shelf Life: Est. 18 months
POA (Period After Opening): Est. 12 months
1 full pump = 1mL

Quality Ingredients

We want to make sure you are consuming the highest quality product we can offer. Our lotion is carefully considered for both health and environmental impact. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, grown in the USA, and vegan with zero Delta-9 THC. They have no milk products or gelatin. Our packaging is made from recycled material and the product is fully lab tested to comply with standards.


Research is still being done on the benefits of CBD and Delta-8, but many preliminary trials have shown that topical CBD lotions provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation. Creams and lotions do not reach the bloodstream so anyone can use this lotion as targeted relief without having to worry about side effects.